Assisted Reproductive Technology:

A Lawyer's Guide to Emerging Law and Science, Third Edition.  

ABA Publishing, 2018. 

(Co-authored with Maureen McBrien.)

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In Massachusetts, Bruce Hale is part of a team working to implement parentage laws to address the specific needs of children born through assisted reproduction and their families.  In 2019, S77 and H139 have been filed to address many issues with parentage in Massachusetts.  Both of these bills have received strong bi-partisan support in the legislature.  Bruce will continue to advocate for meaningful change in this area.

Bruce Hale was part of the team that put together the International Surrogacy Forum 2019, held at the University of Cambridge in June 2019.  This 2-day event was extremely well received by the delegates who attended, and is expected to have a lasting contribution to the ongoing worldwide discussion about surrogacy.

The American Bar Association, one of the largest groups of lawyers, has adopted a position on international surrogacy arrangements.  Bruce Hale is one of the principal drafters of this position (along with Stephen Page), which protects children through stability of parentage determinations while upholding the reproductive rights of the adults involved.  The position helps to inform the US Department of State as it works with the Hague Conference on Private International Law to explore options for regulating international surrogacy.  Bruce attended the February 2016 ABA House of Delegates meeting to witness the resolution being passed without opposition.  To see the resolution approved by the ABA, click here (ABA website).  The full report may be downloaded here (ABA website). 

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​​A Call for Comity, Juriste International, 2019-1, May 2019 (link opens as PDF)

​​Whose Rights are they, Anyway ?, The SciTech Lawyer, Vol. 12 Issue 4, Summer 2016 (co-authored with Stephen Page).

Intending Parenthood, Family Advocate (published by the ABA Section of Family Law), Summer 2016. 

Bruce Hale was profiled in Northeastern Law Magazine, (published by Northeastern University School of Law), summer 2016, for his work with the ABA in creating an official ABA position on regulation of international surrogacy.  (He was also interviewed in this edition of the same magazine for an article about the topic.)

Scholarly publication : 

Regulation of International Surrogacy Arrangements, 36 Suffolk Transnat'l L. Rev. 501 (Abstract can be viewed here or here.)