Boston IVF, Boston, Massachusetts

CCRM, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts

Fertility Centers of New England, Reading, Massachusetts

San Diego Fertility Center, San Diego, California

The Fertility Center of Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Nevada

Family Equality Council, helping navigate the journey

SEEDS, promoting ethical practices in ART

Resolve, the National Infertility Association

Resolve New England, providing support, education and advocacy since 1974

Men Having Babies, with information and support about surrogacy

Fertility Within Reach, advocates for fertility health benefits

Association des Familles Homoparentales, infos sur la PMA pour les célibataires et couples de même sexe

For the classroom. 

We don't want to judge a book by its cover, but we think this one's is particularly nice. 

Here are some organizations that might be helpful.  Contact us if you are looking for something specific that isn't listed here. 

This is the latest edition of a book that has been helping people understand the laws around assisted reproduction for over a decade.  Bruce Hale co-authored this edition with Maureen McBrien.  

More about this book can be found on the ABA's website.

For academic consideration of family law in the context of private international law, here is a book I co-authored with Melissa Kucinski and Mike Coffee.

Here is a good directory of lawyers around the country who practice family law, with a particular emphasis on helping people in the LGBT community.  

Legal Solutions for Growing Families

Modern Family Law

We've worked with a number of clinics over the years.  Here are several that may be able to give you more information about the medical side of things. 

Other lawyers, other states.