Thank you for your interest in this opportunity.  Modern Family Law is working with a single man from France who is looking to have a child through gestational surrogacy.  He is working with a fertility clinic based in San Diego for the medical treatment, so at least one trop to San Diego would be involved.

If you qualify and are approved by the clinic to be a surrogate for this person, your would receive $45,000 over the course of the pregnancy for carrying the child, plus a number of other payments for your participation in the process.  Total expected payments to you would be at least $50,000.00.  Plus an expense-paid trip or two to San Diego !

If you are between the ages of 21 and 40, have had at least one successful pregnancy, and would like to learn more about this opportunity, ​contact us here or send an email to :  

If you're not sure about helping a single man or travelling to San Diego, I also have an opportunity to help a married male couple in Massachusetts have another child.  (They have a baby born in 2022 through surrogacy.)  This couple is working with Boston IVF in Waltham.

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